custom shine car glaze

Butterslick™ Custom Smooth Cream Car Glaze

You won't get any better without the Butter!

Butterslickā„¢ Custom Smooth Cream Car Glaze

8 oz.


A lotion cleaner and glaze for removing light to moderate oxidation and scratches from basecoat/clearcoat finishes, while providing long lasting protection and shine.

Minimizes risk of burning or scratching finish because it contains fine abrasives. Easy on - easy off application because of a special blend of polymer lubricants.

High Speed Buffing:

1. Apply a small amount of product directly to the painted surface.
2. Use a polishing pad and buff until dry.
3. Remove residue with a clean soft cloth.

Wear gloves and goggles.
Store in a dry and cool place.
Do not apply in direct sunlight or hot surface.

Orbital Buffer or by Hand:

1. Apply to a 3"x3" area using a dampened applicator
2. Let dry to a haze and remove by hand with a soft orbital buffer and velour bonnet.

Fine Abrasives • Contains Silicone • Pink Cream Wax

Customer Testimonials

"I been using Butterslick for about a year and all I can say is that its amazing!!! I won't wash a car without this as it finishes the car off perfectly"

- J Gutierrez, Chicago

"Once it dries, it leaves a beautiful reflective shine just like it promises."

- D Dub, Detroit Read all reviews Submit your Experience